I. Testimonial from Ginny:

This is everything I learned through our work together. Knowledge from Soul Progression Work:

  • We are one with everything.
  • Love is everything.
  • Feelings are the paths to everything.
  • There really are no victims.
  • Faith and letting go of my hold removes fear.
  • I am not afraid of death. It is just a metamorphosis.
  • We are never alone.
  • Forgiveness removes shame.
  • Happiness in this life is finding a passion and living passionately.
  • My purpose for this has been to learn all of the above knowledge.

“You cured me! Walked across this bridge like it was just a sidewalk. Am almost through driving the Oregon coast and absolutely no problems with heights. Not when driving or when hiking or stand in lookout points. I can now go right out to the edge. That, for me, is a miracle! The fear is just gone! This feels incredibly freeing.”


[I still see Ginny from time to time. She continues to do well and is still amazed by our work together. ~Patricia S. McGivern]


II. Testimonial from Bobbie:

“When I came to Patricia I was pretty much a skeptic, but I was driven by a psychic reading I had with Chip Coffey who mentioned several of my past lives. I had questions, but more importantly I wanted answers. That’s when I reached out to Patricia who I found to be a warm and caring person. We discussed past life regression over the phone and the topic intrigued me to the point where I opted to submit myself to a session and film it for a documentary.

In my first session I saw images that I could not even begin to explain other than what I understood was my murder and I experienced the emotions of sadness in leaving my young child behind with no one to care for him. After the session, I had more questions and a resounding feeling that there was something more to past life regression than my skeptic mind had previously concluded. That thought became more profound as I began my historical research that further connected the dots.

One of the things that surprised me was a physical healing. Let me explain. For years I had been bothered by a subtle but noticeable pain in the upper left side of my abdomen. I always thought of it as obstructive bowel syndrome and no one would ever give me a solid reason as to the cause of the pain. Over time, I accepted it as the hazards, aches and pains of aging. I was murdered in my past life by a knife wound to that exact area. Several sessions later it was gone. I was surprised this type of healing can occur.

Many of you may have doubts, but once you experience a regression it is a truly eye opening experience. It’s a journey to your soul’s past. It is a journey that I, for one, would do over and over with Patricia. She was not only my guide, she is an expert on my project, a trusted soul and dear friend.

As for me, my journey has not stopped. I plan to visit the site of my murder and try to track down my son’s history who has long passed away.”

~Bobbie, Producer “Project Past Life”