Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

In a hypnotic state you can recover, remember and relive your past lives. A deeper part of you remembers everything: every event, every sound, every smell, every feeling. A regression is different than a past life reading as you are re-experiencing it and through the experience healing can happen.

Some people want to experience a regression out of curiosity, but more are using it as a path to personal growth. By learning who you were, it can bring understanding to who you are now. It can help you to understand relationships and connections with people in your life. It can enhance abilities and talents from another time. It can release anxieties and fears linked to a past life and release traumas that may be the root of a physical problems. You can experience the state beyond this state (your conscious awareness). Often the experiences are profound. There may be soul recognition of someone in that lifetime that is in your lifetime today. The experience is first-hand. It’s you, but in a different body. You may see your hands and notice if they are big or small, soft or callused. You can feel if the clothing you are wearing is heavy or light, coarse or smooth. You may be a different sex, age, nationality and in a different time period.

Belief in reincarnation isn’t required to have an experience. Some people view the experiences as a psychodrama of the mind or as a metaphor. And some people feel they’ve made it up.

Healing through Past Life Regression

You were not born as a clean slate. You have brought back memories, residue, physical conditions from other times. These unconscious memories can be what draw’s us to certain areas of the world, time periods, people and skills we are adept at without any training. Conditions can be triggered in this life. We bring both positive and negative residue forward.

When we relive a lifetime and bring the memories forward to the conscious state and release patterns no longer needed. The energy is neutralized. Physical and emotional healing can happen as a result of a regression.

The Spiritual Component to Past Life Regression

Whether you are religious or not, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, when you experience another lifetime you realize you soul lives on and there is nothing to fear with death. When you are on the other side we can meet with our guides, meet with deceased loved ones, go to the planning stage for your current life. What do you want to learn in this lifetime on a soul level?

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