Parents in Angel Babies:

“I know your book will be very healing for many people.” ~Ellen

“The communication with the spirit of the baby was so strong and fulfilling that I feel calm and peaceful whenever I think of it.” ~Annette

“The baby…said it was watching me and protecting me…It was a wonderful experience.” ~Cheryl

“All things have a purpose…even a miscarriage.” ~Dan


Amazon Reviews:

“Wow…This book is incredible. For anyone who has experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, or is close to someone who has, this is a MUST-READ.  Finally, a book that gets to the “soul” of the matter. Thank you Patricia Seaver McGivern!” ~Maureen M. Myers

“Thank you for this wonderful book, written for those of us who are in many ways haunted by the loss of a baby, through miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth and/or early infant loss. This book offers a much deeper exploration into these tragic events, transcending grief and loss and moving the “open” reader to the real possibility of healing from that loss through connecting with the spirit of that lost child. The author is able to tap into that (lonely) place in a grieving woman’s heart (and soul) that is infinitely sad, a devastation known only by those who have experienced it. Her rare gift is in offering a way out of that sadness toward a genuine, even joyful, path to healing.

We who have lost babies have almost universally experience some degree of guilt. This issue is dealt with tenderly and compassionately, and is most effective because the messages regarding it come not from the author, but from the lost babies themselves. If this book does nothing more than assuage any guilt you may have, it is more than worth the read.” ~Joanne McNamara

“This is a beautifully written book. I laughed, cried and rejoiced; it brings hope and consolation to those who have had the misfortune of losing a child. It also brings comfort and peace to those that have had the make the difficult choice to end a pregnancy. Well done!” ~M. Edmonds

“Angel Babies is a wonderful book. I laughed, cried and had goose bumps. I certainly will suggest this book to any of my clients or friends that have lost a child, or know of someone that has. Even if someone one hasn’t lost a child, I feel this book is extremely enlightening.” ~Pamela Shenk


International Association for Regression Research and Therapies:

Editor of The Journal of Regression Therapy ofAngel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies (2009) Patricia Seaver McGivern

Angel Babies is a book that would never have been written if not for the efforts of a particular angel baby soul known as Dillon. It was through his determined efforts and pushing his mom, the author, that his story, and the stories of other angel baby souls, is told.

McGivern put it so eloquently in her book, “When signs of souls on the other side were close to me but too big for my mind to absorb or deal with, I questioned their authenticity. I pushed them away. Although I was being jolted awake, I’d been programmed not to believe. I realized that often the very phenomena I need to explore are the ones that challenge my belief system.”

The opening section, three chapters, tells the story of McGivern’s transition from one belief system to another. As I read her story I was reminded of the common path many of us have traveled; a path that stated in ordinary life with our original belief system firmly in place and then transitioned through outside influence, often through much kicking and screaming on our part, to an expanded and sometimes totally different belief systems.

McGivern relates her emotionally painful story of miscarriage of her son Dillon and his return in spirit some four years later. Throughout her experience of pregnancy, miscarriage, and then inspiration to write this book are events and personal experience that make very real sense to her and those who have similar belief systems. Skeptics will undoubtedly use the “no scientific basis and proof: card in an effort to trump her assertions and new beliefs.

Twenty-nine other stories of angel babies as related by their mothers. The stories relate the various ways angel babies have let their presence be in dreams, visions, psychic experiences, near-death experiences, coincidences, meditation, and hypnosis.

There is no “how-to” information specifically, although the stories of how other parents have dealt with this very personal tragedy are a sort of “how-to.” This book belongs in every doctor’s office that deals with expecting mothers in one way or another: ready to be handed out in time of need or even just because the messages are so uplifting. The fact that angel babies are still with us even though their physical body is gone can be very settling to an aching heart. And their message remains, just as Dillon told his mom so many times, “I’m right here!”