Soul Explorer:Healing through Past Life Regression       

           (Soul Key Publishing 2017)  by Patricia S. McGivern

  •       Soul Explorer was inspired by Patricia’s client experiences, healing and validation           of their past lives.

  • Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies
  •       (iUniverse 2009)by Patricia S. McGivern
  •       Angel Babies is a book that would never have been written, if not for the efforts of a       particular angel baby soul known as Dillon. It was through his determined efforts           and pushing his mom, the author, that his story and the stories of other angel baby         souls is told.


  • Bebes Angeles: Mensajes de Bebes Perdidos en Gestacion 
    (iUniverse 2015) by Patricia S. McGivern

            Bebes Angeles explora la communicacion spiritual con bebes perdidos en gestacion               y los bebes que se pierden nacidos ofreciendo sentido, esperanza, sosiego y consuelo             a aquellos que han experimentado esta perdida imcomparable.


Recommended Reading:

  •                    Bowman, Carol             Children’s Past Lives 
  •                    Brown, Sylvia                Past Lives, Future Healing
  •                    Fiore, Edith                   You Have Been Here Before
  •                    Gershom, Rabbi           Beyond the Ashes
  •                    Newton, Michael          Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls
  •                    Roche, Adrianna          A Child of Eternity
  •                    Sevenson, Ian               Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation
  •                    Sugrue, Thomas           There is a River (Edgar Cayce)
  •                    Weiss, Brian                  Many Lives, Many Masters (and others)
  •                    Woolger, Roger            Other Lives, Other Selves