patti-2016Patricia S. McGivern
Certified Hypnotist | Author | Speaker

As a certified hypnotist and past life regression specialist since 1998, Patricia offers private sessions for individuals and workshops for groups. Additional focuses include fears and phobias, relationship issues, blocks, smoking, weight issues and much more.

As an author, Patricia’s new book Soul Explorer offers a riveting examination of reincarnation and the healing power of past life regression. Soul Explorer recounts her clients’ remarkable memories of previous incarnations and how past lives add to a soul’s storehouse of experience and wisdom.

Patricia and her clients sought—and found—proof of their past lives in the modern world, including one remarkable instance in which they made contact with the descendants of a previous incarnation.

In all, Soul Explorer covers over thirty past lives and discusses how facing past trauma brings healing in the present. McGivern’s clients have resolved phobias, cured physical ailments, and found the root causes of relationship issues, all by allowing themselves to slip back into the past and accept what they find.

Patricia’s first book Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies explores spiritual communication with miscarried and other early loss babies, offering awareness and comfort.

As an International speaker, Patricia connects with audiences by bringing about an even greater awareness of the mind, body, soul connection through her own unique experiences and real life stories.

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